Lead Open Source Software Architect @ IBM (2019 - present)
Open Source Software R&D using various kinds of languages and technologies.
  • Various engagements in largest Telcos, Banks, Retail, Natural Resources' and Government based companies in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Open Source Software webinars.
  • Open CA Master Certified Architect in Solution Architecture (CA125669)
  • Red Hat Certified Architect in Infrastructure Level II (200-054-419)
  • Implemented internal FMECA-like Risk Management Toolkit (methodology and software).
  • Implemented internal Cyber Polygons for SW delivery teams to test, learn and implement Open Source Software stacks.
  • Had a talk "Building Bridges to Modern Infrastructure" at Open@Home Virtual Conference.
  • Mentored several Engineers and Architects.
  • Earned dozens of badges on Credly.

Team Leader @ Positive Technologies (2016 - 2019)
Flower Open Source R&D using Clojure.
  • Implemented integrations with task trackers (Jira, TFS, GitHub and GitLab).
  • Implemented integrations with version control systems (GitHub and GitLab).
  • Implemented integrations with messaging systems (Exchange and Slack).
  • Created Automatic Teamlead software based on the Flower library to automate routines for the Application Firewall development team.
  • Created Emacs task tracker client using the Flower library.
External activities - tech talks and publications (with continuation on right panel).
PT Application Firewall R&D using Python (Flask, Twisted), Groovy and JavaScript.
  • Created domain-specific language and interpreter for network configuration.
  • Created device package for PT AF integration with Cisco ACI.
  • Designed architectural solution for data structure unification.
  • Head of Application Firewall UI Backend team which increased up to 10 members.
  • Participated in development of transparent proxy mode for PT AF.
  • Participated in development of PT AF Cloud Solution.
Senior Software Developer @ Positive Technologies (2015 - 2016)
PT Application Firewall R&D using Python (Flask, Twisted), Groovy and JavaScript.
  • Implemented Active Directory integration with PT AF.
  • Created detailed reporting feature for PT AF.
  • Took 3rd place in Digital Substation Takeover contest at Positive Hack Days V.

Computer Science Lecturer @ Higher School of Economics (2016 - present)
Web Development course for Computational Linguists and Digital Humanities.
  • Created open source web development course from scratch targeting students for Masters' programs Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities.
  • Successfully conducted experimental course for groups up to 20 students in HSE.
  • Created and managed GitHub and servers for HSE School of Linguistics.
Engineer's Degree @ Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics / Higher School of Economics (2010 - 2016)
Open Source Software R&D as part of term papers using Python, Erlang and Clojure.
  • CircuitryLib – Python library for modelling various circuit engineering systems.
  • SpiritLevel – PoC for MicroPython device.
  • ErlangIO – PoC for connecting Erlang VM with GNU/Linux kernel.
  • mDSS – Decision Support System in Clojure.
  • Cheque – Flask OCR RESTful service.
Engineer's Degree thesis real-life implementation and defense.
  • Implemented WAF Cluster Configuration Management System.
  • Successfully defended the thesis (10 out of 10).

Open Source Developer @ The Profitware Group (2012 - present)
Open Source Software R&D using various kinds of languages and technologies.

Software Engineer @ RosBusinessConsulting (2013 - 2015)
Quotes Monitoring R&D using Python (Django, Tornado), JavaScript, Postgres and Oracle.

Software Developer @ Bank's Soft Systems (2011 - 2013)
Online Banking Solutions R&D using Delphi and JavaScript.
  • Developed and maintained custom versions of online banking solution Private Client for several international and Russian banks.
  • Implemented multiple HSA functionality (handwritten signature analogue) in standard version of online banking solution Private Client.
  • Created user-friendly build system using Ant, Jython, Java and Javascript.

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